From: Marc Tooley bloopwave (bloopwave) (a t) (rune (d o t) ca)
To: (aethan) (a t) (bloopwatch (d o t) org)
Date: Mon Jan  4 12:55:14 PST 2010
Subject: Re: I have a new recording of The Bloop

The file itself is 2 megabytes in its original format.
(Un-resampled, so it's not audible without working on it.)

And, since lots of mailboxes have size issues, I've put the information up

(NOTE, 2013, Jan: THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED. This is not a monster. Just sea
ice. And the following sample was PROBABLY NOT the one they had sped-up on
the NOAA site. Also, stop hotlinking my site.)

Original Sample: 1997253230100_bloop_new.wav
Resampled+Timeshifted: 1997253230100_bloop_resampled.wav
Best I Could Do: mybloop_warbly.mp3

I've attached some spectrographs too to this note.

The noise itself is the more reddish upswing in the yellow parts at the bottom of the spectrograph, and the arss_spectrograph.jpg is an invertible conversion of the sample to graphical form that quite a bit more clearly represents the noise as the lighter patch about 3/4 of the way from left to right. The sample itself is: 1997253230100_bloop: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 8000 Hz I was disappointed to learn of the low sampling frequency. It will make working with it difficult. I have also attached an mp3 of the noise upsampled and filtered. The warbly sound is a result of the upsampling, and is not because it is underwater. If you wish to credit me, please use: Marc Tooley bloopwave (a t) (rune (d o t) ca) The original arrived in my mailbox on New Year's Eve, Dec 31 2008, from the NOAA, as a result of communication with: Fred Gorell Christine Patrick (who sent me the WAV itself) Please also thank the NOAA for being so willing to share their raw data. They really do credit to the scientific community. I do not know the name of the scientist who sent along the sample for the PR folks to forward to me. That nameless scientist gave me a wonderful New Year's present back then, and I am very grateful. Sincerely, Marc Tooley On Monday 04 January 2010, aethan (a t) (bloopwatch (d o t) org) wrote: > Hi, Marc. I'm updating, and I'd love to host this. If > you need to mail this to me, or email it, or something, let's work it > out. :) > > - Andy > > > I've been trying to reconstruct something worthwhile out of the > > sample the NOAA gave me, but I don't have the computing power to do > > so. (The tool I'm using is the unfortunately-named: > > > > Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph > > > > > > But again, my computers are too wimpy to do any actually useful > > noise reduction.) > > > > My recording appears to be one different from the Bloop recording > > on the NOAA website, but.. I did actually receive it on New Years > > Day, 2009, in response to a direct query. I have no reason to think > > it's a fake. > > > > It's just beautiful if not. Wonderful stuff. > > > > So how do I get a copy to you? It's about time you did some sort of > > update, and I promised the NOAA I wouldn't keep this sample to > > myself. > > > > The notes from the NOAA people themselves (including names) are > > also available as evidence the sample is genuine, for those > > skeptics who want to follow-up. > > > > Take Care, > > Marc